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General Development Application stores are growing everywhere like mushrooms. While users have initially embraced application stores because of the ease they offer with application installation, developers have several complaints. Division of profits from paid application and ineffectiveness of the screening process are among the major issues. Are application stores the best distribution channel possible? Can they satisfy both developers and users?
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Limitations are what make the platform
by RichterKuato on Sat 14th May 2011 19:09 UTC
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I don't think most users have problems with App Stores.
Just like most gamers don't have a problem with developers having to get licenses from console manufacturers. The problem is mostly from the developer's side.

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"I don't think most users have problems with App Stores."

First, I agree with you that (monopolistic) app stores are certainly irritating to developers, particularly when they force users into a single store via DRM.

As for users, it can also be an irritation when other party dictates what you can and can't do with your own device.

Using apple as an example: it is one think to accept apple's terms for oneself, it is another to buy the line that apple's walled garden is in user's interests. There is no denying that apple is using DRM to eliminate competition and functionality.

Why can't we install our own apps? Why shouldn't we have java? Why shouldn't users be allowed to use open source apps? Why can't we run emulators? The answer, which is plain to anyone not under the RDF, is that apple is afraid that its customers would embrace other sources if they weren't blocked via DRM.

The jailbroken iphones, in spite of apple's disapproval, are evidence that demand does exist for software outside of apple's grasp.

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an irritation when other party dictates what you can and can't do with your own device.

Please, stop spreading this mantra everythere.

Hardware is yours, but software is NOT. It is under license. Only if you write YOUR 100% OWN FIRMWARE, you may say what the entire working device is actually YOURS.

App Store ISN'T YOURS. Also the pirated software you installed is NOT YOURS.

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