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General Development Application stores are growing everywhere like mushrooms. While users have initially embraced application stores because of the ease they offer with application installation, developers have several complaints. Division of profits from paid application and ineffectiveness of the screening process are among the major issues. Are application stores the best distribution channel possible? Can they satisfy both developers and users?
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RE: wiki app store
by danieldk on Sun 15th May 2011 16:16 UTC in reply to "wiki app store"
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It is to prone to the injection of malware. Most Linux distributions work with trusted application maintainers. Such barriers are put into place to avoid that random people can violate the security of the system. The packages come from a trusted source.

The difference with Wikipedia is, that it does not hurt too much if nonsense persists on a Wikipedia page for an hour, a day, or even a week. If you have to rely on such information, you can do extra fact checking. Having malware for such a period can be detrimental to a huge amount of systems. An 99.9% of the users do not have the time or knowledge to check the validity of software, even more when it is only available in binary format.

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