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Legal This is certainly worth a meagre +1 in my book: patent troll Lodsys has actually taken the time to answer some of the concerns on the web regarding its legal threats to several small-time iOS developers. There's some interesting stuff in there.
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RE[2]: Still fsckd up
by snorkel2 on Mon 16th May 2011 19:26 UTC in reply to "RE: Still fsckd up"
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Actually, there is not that much to the code behind a button like that and it can be implemented in a multitude of ways, some very simple and some a bit more complex. It can be as simple as returning a code that unlocks part of the program. It doesn't have to download or install anything, though it could do that as well. There are tons and tons of desktop shareware application developers who also have a upgrade button.

The thing is when this guy came up with this idea it was not even possible to do so as the internet was in it's infancy. I highly doubt he had anything that worked, he just patented a idea with the hopes that someday the technology would allow the creation of such a idea.

It just goes to show how messed up software patents are.

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