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Linux Efforts to implement NVIDIA's Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix (VDPAU) on the open source Radeon Gallium3D drivers (for AMD/ATI chipsets) are reportedly just beginning to work. Being Gallium3D-based means this new VDPAU state tracker is using GPU shaders and not the dedicated Unified Video Decoding (UVD) engine found on modern Radeon HD graphics processors, but using shaders is still a big performance win for HD video playback compared to pegging the CPU constantly. Also, MPEG-2 is the only codec known to work at this time. Once the basic state tracker functionality works, support for other video codecs, such as VP8 and H264, should be relatively easy to add.
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RE: Nice work..
by twitterfire on Wed 18th May 2011 23:54 UTC in reply to "Nice work.."
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but I feel that developers waste their efforts. What we need is standardized hardware. This effort is good only for linux and it hides the fact that there are only 2 players in the GPU industry. In my understanding we need a hardware interface like USB/USB mass storage for example in order to make use of accelerator cards and leave once and for all the hardware dark ages. Even in cloud computing people are trying to avoid vendor lockin. The above work is linux/ati-nvidia lockin and though I love linux this is not something I am very happy. We need standardized accelerator cards that could work out of the box with every OS that chooses to support them. Kudos to developers but it is not how things are supposed to work. Unfortunately I see the same attitude in ZiiLabs and VIA. Where are the standard bodies?

The easiest thing will be to make part of the drivers contained in firmware and provide a standard interface to any OS. Like an EFI or "BIOS" for graphic cards.

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RE[2]: Nice work..
by f0dder on Thu 19th May 2011 13:28 in reply to "RE: Nice work.."
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You'd still have to standardize on an interface to this, though - which would either kill innovation, or require updates frequently enough that you end up not having much of a standard anyway.

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