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Gnome Something's - once again - brewing within the GNOME project. While a mere suggestion for now, and by no means any form of official policy, influential voices within the GNOME project are arguing that GNOME should become a full-fledged Linux-based operating system, and that the desktop environment should drop support for other operating systems such as Solaris and the BSDs. I have a feeling this isn't going to go down well with many of our readers.
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RE[2]: Sad but inevitable
by somebody on Fri 20th May 2011 15:14 UTC in reply to "RE: Sad but inevitable"
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now, go and read proposal again.

systemd proposed unified interfaces to solve duplication, which doesn't impose new problem, but rather solves one. major reason why gconf came to be is simplification for developer.

another thing you failed to grasp is yours so called text configurations. they would be great ... if there would be one standard to read/write them. look httpd.conf, smb.conf and inittab. hell, there is no standard how you read/write them. enter xml and you get configurations unified. gconf is nothing but text files formated by xml spec.

try looking at s-c-t from ximian and read why it never saw the light.

personally, my biggest wish is that every project would adopt xml and also provide converter from old config standard to xml or back. everyone would be happy, those editing manually and coders who write gui tools.

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