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Gnome Something's - once again - brewing within the GNOME project. While a mere suggestion for now, and by no means any form of official policy, influential voices within the GNOME project are arguing that GNOME should become a full-fledged Linux-based operating system, and that the desktop environment should drop support for other operating systems such as Solaris and the BSDs. I have a feeling this isn't going to go down well with many of our readers.
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RE: Dilemma
by Kivada on Fri 20th May 2011 16:30 UTC in reply to "Dilemma"
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Yeah, I've got that same problem, I've used almost every MS and Apple OS since DOS and the Apple IIe started using Linux in '04, I really don't like any of the new UIs coming out from anyone though, Gnome2 was IMO perfect in terms of usability and simplicity, KDE3 was good as well if using the MacOS mode, but I can't stand the mutilation of naming by sticking "K" on everything.

What I can't stand though are the new UIs like Gnome3, KDE4 and Unity, which just seem to be changing things for no real reason that benefits the USER, but I guess they do give the UI devs some reason to exist instead of moving on to something else, like oh, I dunno, building GUIs for things like the OSS GPU drivers that resemble something like AMD Catalyst Control Center/AMD Overdrive, Riva Tuner or the multitude of useful command line only tools out there that would make things easier for the non geek to use Linux and OSS software to it's fullest potential.

So now the problem is what DE should I try next? I guess I should give E17 a go, since Xfce, Lxde, IceWM, BlackBox etc all have missing features I find very useful in getting things done faster/simpler.

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