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Legal Ding ding ding ding - I think we have a record here. Launched yesterday, Google Wallet has already attracted a lawsuit. While patent lawsuits are teh shizzle these days, this lawsuit is a little different, so sadly I can't trot out my usual 'software patents bad' lines (aww). PayPal has sued Google over its Wallet service, claiming that one key former PayPal executive who accepted a job at Google took trade secrets with him.
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I don't understand all the fuss.
by hussam on Sat 28th May 2011 01:19 UTC
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I don't understand all the fuss. Paypal is just another online money transfer. It's not a "professional payment method". I don't buy something online if paypal is the only payment method. If an online computer part store doesn't accept mastercard or visa then something is definitely wrong there.

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I don't understand all the fuss. Paypal is just another online money transfer. It's not a "professional payment method".

Yes, it is a professional payment method. If you have a merchant account with PayPal, you can can accept Visa and Mastercard. And if you use PayPal's API to do it, you can brand it with your own branding. You've undoubtably bought things online with your credit card where PayPal was the payment service, but you didn't even realize it because the seller had a merchant account with PayPal and used PayPal's payment processing API to provide their own Web front end to the service.

I;'ve done contract work for small companies where I have set up online store fronts and used PayPal as the credit card processing service. It's usually cheaper than getting a merchant account with a traditional bank.

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Pay pay is usually cheaper, unless the merchant is a legit company that does a decent (>200) number of transactions.

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You do realize that your personal online buying habits are irrelevant to everyone else.

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