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Internet & Networking Because OSNews is technically a site from the US, and because the technology industry is decidedly a US-centric industry, we often talk about US politics having adverse effects on technology - or, the other way around. That's why I've been detailing the political movements here in The Netherlands with regards to net neutrality. After a lot of positive news, I've now got some bad news - bad news that involves the largest political party trying to block net neutrality - because one of its members of parliament, Afke Schaart, is a former KPN employee. And yes, KPN is the carrier that first announced it was going to block and throttle traffic.
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Berend de Boer,

"Alfman, what I object to is car companies selling my only cars with radios that play mp3, not ogg. I think the government should step in and regulate this. I feel hurt!"

Interesting, I'm not sure if your being sarcastic or serious though?

If you are being sarcastic (and your message is that I should not expect my ISP to provide me with connectivity to services of my choosing). then I will point out that it's not the same thing. The car radio is a format centric piece of hardware - it's not possible to play ogg on a radio which only supports mp3 (or only AM for that matter). With ISPs, IP packets can carry traffic for any protocol or web site at all. It takes deliberate action to block/filter it.

If you were actually being serious, well I'm a proponent of open formats too. With a little searching you can find ogg vorbis radios. I would think you should be able to find a dealer who'll sell you a car and let you swap your radio.

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I'd mod you up but since I already posted in this thread I'm not entrusted such divine powers.

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"I'd mod you up but since I already posted in this thread I'm not entrusted such divine powers."

I don't really get it. It should be open to all, otherwise what's the point?

Somehow or other I picked up the divine power of +2.

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