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Internet & Networking Since it's weekend, let's start with some good news we can all be happy about. The United Nations has declared internet access a human right, and has called upon all nations to not instate any laws that have the power to cut people off the internet, with France and the UK being singled out because they passed three strikes laws.
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Three strikes
by theosib on Mon 6th Jun 2011 04:51 UTC
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I don't know what France's three-strikes law is all about. But I can see circumstances where someting of that ilk would be reasonable. For instance, if someone is committing an "internet crime" like hacking into where they don't belong or sending SPAM or viruses. For things like that, it should be just as reaonable for a court to suspend their internet access as it is to suspend someone's driving privileges because they were going 100mph in a school zone while lots of children were busy crossing the street. After Kevin Mitnick got out of jail, he still wasn't allowed to touch a computer for years, as part of his probation.

I'm still of the opinion that the vast majorty of IP volation is a purely civil matter and that the government should not step in and treat it as a criminal violation. Thus, removing internet access for someone downloading songs is wrong. On the other hand, there are people who violate copyright on a large scale, some of them actually making money from it. That goes way beyond simple file sharing and IS criminal. And THEN, a could should be able to take away their internet access. I don't see how this is any different from a court telling you not to leave the country or even cross state lines if you've committed a criminal act.

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