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Humor The German city of Hamburg will soon be getting one of the biggest Apple Stores in the world. Construction isn't complete yet, and a group of people calling themselves the '.WAV Collective' decided it was time for a practical joke. Posing as construction workers, they planted an interesting logo on the store's facade. In broad daylight. And they videotaped it.
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I think everyone must be quite annoyed with Apple's image to be so amused by meaningless pranks or the tiniest hints of the loosest definition of irony at their expense. This just isn't that interesting.

As far as I am concerned, I find such ad-based pranks very funny when done with cars too (see above in the thread). It just happens that computers take a much bigger place in my life and personal interests than cars.

And besides, there's some delicious irony in seeing a company which takes as much care polishing its product marketing and brand image as Apple being turned in derision through careful ad-based pranks. When you consider that products should compete through merit and not through ads, seeing one of the most marketing-centric companies of the tech world getting burned by its own tactics becomes very fun to watch.

Just my opinion, however.

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