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Humor The German city of Hamburg will soon be getting one of the biggest Apple Stores in the world. Construction isn't complete yet, and a group of people calling themselves the '.WAV Collective' decided it was time for a practical joke. Posing as construction workers, they planted an interesting logo on the store's facade. In broad daylight. And they videotaped it.
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RE[6]: Because...
by PrimalDK on Thu 9th Jun 2011 22:39 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Because..."
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If you think 30 seconds for a Linux kernel is fast, I'd actually argue that you don't know how to tune your kernel. Sub 20 second boot times with a custom built kernel are pretty achievable. might ask from when I start the clock before you assume I am trying to appear special: cold boot, from before my BIOS posts. Also, you might like to ask which init script I'm running and from what I/O device.

But I digress...

The point was (obviously) a different one than the 30 (or 20) second boot time, but that a computer with an order or two faster cpu and ditto I/O (and specifically 8000 times as much RAM) because of design still doesn't appear faster.

This is what an end user sees, technical jerk-off attitudes of OSNews readers aside, and no amount of fine tuning (except perhaps a 24-channel SSD raid) will bring my Linux box to boot as fast as my Amiga 1200, period.

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