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Apple So, yeah, uhm, I bought an iPad 2 today. I still don't think anyone really needs a tablet, but that doesn't mean I didn't want one. I wanted to wait until the HP TouchPad was announced, but now that it has, it seems it won't be coming to The Netherlands any time soon. As such, the iPad 2 it was. A few quick fist impressions.
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by kovacm on Sat 11th Jun 2011 14:10 UTC
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Thom, you are funniest bloger on internet ;)

Here's why:

"HP Launches TouchPad - for the Lucky Few
Anywho, pricing is looking pretty good: $499 for the 16GB model"

and than, next day, about iPad price:

"I bought the cheapest possible iPad 2 - 16GB, wifi, black, €479, plus the Smart Cover for €39. That's one heck of a _lot of money_"

can you explain this ???

... beside:

"Another thing you notice is just how fast and responsive the device really is. There's no lag, no waiting, no stuttering - everything is fluid and quick."

>>> C:\NGRTLNS.THM - welcome to POST PC world (never is too late ;) ) ) ! ! ! <<<

did you USE first iPad? "I guess it takes a dual-core processor to really make iOS fly." - for first iPad is same: "everything is fluid and quick. "

so better grab Apple products as soon as possible otherwise "Future of Computing" will pass by you ;)

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RE: funny
by Thom_Holwerda on Sat 11th Jun 2011 14:24 in reply to "funny"
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can you explain this ???

Sure. Looking at tablets, the sweet spot for the cheapest models seems to be 500. So, if a new tablet comes out, and it's priced at 500 - it's looking good. However, that doesn't change the fact that sweet spot or no, it's still one heck of a lot of money.

This really isn't rocket science.

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RE[2]: funny
by kovacm on Sat 11th Jun 2011 14:37 in reply to "RE: funny"
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Finchwizard explained in post ;)

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