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BeOS & Derivatives Haiku Alpha 3 has been in development for more than 14 months. In that time more than 800 bugs have been identified and fixed, major sections have been updated, applications have been added and updated, and great progress has been made in supporting additional hardware. Here is a summary of updates, more details can be found here. Also inside, interviews with some core Haiku developers.
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RE: A bit of a let down
by UltraZelda64 on Mon 20th Jun 2011 20:48 UTC in reply to "A bit of a let down"
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Reading this has just dismayed my little me:
"Haiku does not yet support WPA encryption for wireless networking, only WEP encryption is supported."

Yeah, sort of. But I'm used to having *no* wireless, whatsoever, in Linux... so it could be worse. It's only an alpha, so the lack of WPA is completely acceptable to me. If the final R1 release doesn't support it, then there's a problem.

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RE[2]: A bit of a let down
by JAlexoid on Mon 20th Jun 2011 23:02 in reply to "RE: A bit of a let down"
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Year 2000 called to remind that it's no longer true for quite a few years.
You are more likely to not have any support for old WiFi cards on Win7, than Linux.
(My Vista certified MoBo's sound drivers are crap under Win7, and released in 2007 no chance of getting any updates)

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RE[2]: A bit of a let down
by aaronb on Sat 25th Jun 2011 10:31 in reply to "RE: A bit of a let down"
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I think Haiku is doing excellently for its 3rd alpha.

However Linux has better support for wifi at the moment. The difference between 2008 and now for me is wifi not working or buggy to working out of the box.

With the recent package management work in Haiku, it would not surprise me if R1 initially lacked driver support but was followed by a set of packages that contained drivers for wifi and other hardware.

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