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Privacy, Security, Encryption Well, after 50 days of causing amok on the web, the guys and/or girls behind LulzSec have called it quits last night. After hacking into the systems of various Arizona law enforcement agencies and releasing countless internal documents, they published a statement on Pastebin yesterday, dumping yet another boatload of data on The Pirate Bay, and announcing their disbanding.
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RE: Democracy
by stanbr on Sun 26th Jun 2011 15:20 UTC in reply to "Democracy"
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I guess they think hacking a 12345 password is easier (and brings more attention)...

Anyways, I'm not really sure yet if democracy is the way to go. Sometimes I just think the majority of ppl is too dumb to decide important things and most of the time they will not make the best option ;) But that's just my opinion...

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RE[2]: Democracy
by jack_perry on Sun 26th Jun 2011 20:52 in reply to "RE: Democracy"
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Anyways, I'm not really sure yet if democracy is the way to go.

(1) Democracy is the worst system of government... except for all the others that have been tried.

(2) The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

Both courtesy Winston Churchill.

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RE[3]: Democracy
by Moredhas on Sun 26th Jun 2011 21:41 in reply to "RE[2]: Democracy"
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Courtesy of Socrates, something to the effect of "most people are idiots, if most people think something is a good idea, it probably isn't"

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RE[3]: Democracy
by spiderman on Mon 27th Jun 2011 09:06 in reply to "RE[2]: Democracy"
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Unfortunately many people do not get what democracy is about. Hint: it is not about voting for a puppet once every n years or about voting for laws you know nothing about. Democracy is the power to the people. It involves education, information, economic access to all kind of resources, etc... Free school for everybody is democratic, free public transportation is democratic, distributing food to the people in need improves democracy. Voting with no real understanding about what this is about is not democratic at all, it is just entertainment.

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