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In the News As we reported earlier this week, Apple is busy sending out cease and desist letters to small, defenceless projects to defend its trademark application (it doesn't actually own the trademark yet) for 'app store'. This has prompted many a discussion over the trademarkability of such a generic term, and over the origins of the abbreviation 'app'. Who came up with it? How old is it? To my surprise - the abbreviation is much older than you'd think, and in a way, it illustrates quite well the demise of the programmer. What? Read on.
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RE[3]: This is a red herring
by tupp on Tue 28th Jun 2011 17:20 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: This is a red herring"
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But have you EVER seen an app store before?

There was never an "app store", no one ever used the term "app store", so one can definitely invent the name "App Store" and use it for his newly created "app store". Those were "download portals" before, or whatever you called them, but certainly not "app stores".


The basic difference between most of the Internet "download portals" and the Iphone app store is that one has to pay for apps in the Iphone app store. These "portals" are commonly called "repositories" in the Linux/BSD world, and they predate the Iphone app store by at least a decade.

Another difference between the Iphone app store and Linux/BSD repositories is the way in which the apps are accepted and maintained, but it is not necessary to go into that discussion here.

However, there were Linux app stores in which the user paid for the apps in the repository. The most notable one was Lindows/Linspire's "Click-N-Run":

The Click-N-Run app store predates Apple's attempt by at least five years, with 9 million applications installed from a library of more than 45,000 titles.

So, a Linux, paying app store had been invented (and even "popularized") years before the Iphone app store.

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