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Privacy, Security, Encryption Well, after 50 days of causing amok on the web, the guys and/or girls behind LulzSec have called it quits last night. After hacking into the systems of various Arizona law enforcement agencies and releasing countless internal documents, they published a statement on Pastebin yesterday, dumping yet another boatload of data on The Pirate Bay, and announcing their disbanding.
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RE[6]: Democracy
by gilljr on Tue 28th Jun 2011 20:09 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Democracy"
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Arizona does not expect to much from the Federal government. Arizona is actually trying to do things but the Federal government is telling them no, taking the State to court. Arizona does not have a problem with implementing solutions at its own expense. The Feds do, saying that it is their job and anyone else trying to regulate immigration (legal or illegal) is breaking the law. Installing a 50ft fence I am sure they would deem illegal. I personally would not go along with a 50ft fence.

If you have followed the immigration issue in Arizona, the State has some tough employer sanction laws to target businesses that hire illegal immigrants. It does not only have laws targeting the immigrants. Employers who focus on hiring illegal immigrants are the modern day slavers if you ask me.

Immigration in the US and the State of Arizona is a big issue. There is to much money supporting illegal immigration for it to stop or for the government to enact measures that discourage the act. Until the government takes a stand, people are going to be taken advantage of. It is plain sad!

I will make no more posts on this subject in this forum because it is way of topic and has nothing to do with OSNews.

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