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Java "After an initial round of testing we've declared build 147 to be the first Release Candidate of JDK 7. There are only thirteen changes in this build. Over half of them are administrivial updates that don't affect the actual code; the remainder are true showstoppers, including several hard VM crashes and a JIT correctness bug identified by an Eclipse unit test. If no new showstopper issues are reported, and if JSR 336 and the component JSRs pass their Final Approval Ballots in the JCP, then this will be the GA build for release later this month per the schedule posted back in January."
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RE[2]: great
by WorknMan on Mon 11th Jul 2011 02:44 UTC in reply to "RE: great"
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I think if you could compare two current applications running inside the webbrowser, one made with the latest Flash release and the other one using JavaFX running on top of the latest JVMs, the performance would be comparable or, probably (I'm just speculating here) would be better in the Java side.

Well, given how bad Flash performance is on most mobile/tablet devices (and even some desktops), comparing Java and Flash performance is like comparing the shit I took last night with the shit I took this morning. Either way, it's still shit.

At work, we have Java apps running on servers inside of tomcat/resin instances, and we're constantly having to restart them because of OutOfMemory errors and cpu spikes. For some of them, we have to restart them once or twice a day via crontab, because the architects can't figure out WTF is causing them to wig out and swallow up RAM/CPU resources like a Hoover. Of course, I did not write these apps, so who knows how well written they are, but it seems like Java is a hog no matter what environment it runs in.

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RE[3]: great
by ebasconp on Mon 11th Jul 2011 04:07 in reply to "RE[2]: great"
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Instead of bashing Java... have you thought about replacing your architects?

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RE[4]: great
by noisedeli on Mon 11th Jul 2011 04:36 in reply to "RE[3]: great"
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Agreed. I've had Tomcat applications run for 6 months without a restart - while in moderate usage. I am a Java developer, so I'm biased, of course.

You may want to look at the application itself. The biggest reason I've seen that any Java web application eats up memory/resources is not closing connections to external resources (i.e. databases).

Replacing your architects is a good start here. Anyone called an "architect" should be able to figure out your issues in 2 days, tops. But I guess it's easier to bash Java itself.

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RE[3]: great
by Shannara on Mon 11th Jul 2011 18:15 in reply to "RE[2]: great"
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I use Jboss for all my java and java/flex applications at work. We do not have these problems when the applications are coded properly, and on proper hardware.

So ... it's either a coder issue, a tomcat issue or hardware issue. Nothing to do with Java.

Replace those developers, they are a waste of time. Or .. it could be one of those management "decisions". In that case, replace those managers ...

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