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Internet & Networking "After four long years, here comes a new version of PuTTY, the popular free telnet/SSH client for Windows and Unix platforms. PuTTY 0.61 brings new features, bug fixes, and compatibility updates for Windows 7 and various SSH server software. The new version supports SSH-2 authentication using GSSAPI, on both Windows and Unix. Users in a Kerberos realm should now be able to use their existing Kerberos single sign-on in their PuTTY SSH connections."
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RE[2]: Wow
by nimble on Thu 14th Jul 2011 07:28 UTC in reply to "RE: Wow"
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It's open source, so apparently no one cared enough to fork the project to make their own updated versions.

Are you kidding? PuTTY is one of the most frequently forked software projects around. The PuTTY developers actually maintain a list:

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RE[3]: Wow
by zlynx on Thu 14th Jul 2011 08:48 in reply to "RE[2]: Wow"
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I guess I didn't explain myself as clearly as is obviously required on the Internet.

By the strictest interpretation I guess you can call those "forks" of PuTTY.

I don't see any of those as PuTTY forks because none of them have tried to replace PuTTY as the big SSH client on Windows.

Some of them implement cute little features like transparency, preferences in files or 64-bit support. But that's nothing like Ethereal vs. Wireshark, OpenBSD vs. FreeBSD, X.Org vs. XFree.

None of the "forks" tried to implement any big features demanded by lots of former PuTTY users. This didn't happen because mainline PuTTY was meeting almost everyone's needs.

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