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Legal I've been sitting on this item all day. Technically, it's about patents and the like, and even I understand I've been beating this dead horse so often it almost looks like it's alive. However, this is an interesting opinion piece by Craig Hockenberry, long-time employee at The Iconfactory, one of my favourite software development houses - these guys breath software and beautiful design, and employ one of my favourite artists, David Lanham. The gist of his story? Software patents are killing the independent developer scene.
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A difficult conondrum
by imaginant on Fri 15th Jul 2011 13:07 UTC
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A well balanced article expressing a critical point. Notice he focuses on the aim of the developer on pursuing that for which he has great passion. Life would be much happier for all of us if this were our focus, as long as that passion wasn't a wish for gobs and gobs of money. Greed has taken over over the world and is held in place by capitalism. But capitalism has one great weakness. It requires constant growth. If you truly and honestly hate what has happened the solution is simple. Stop buying. Buy only what you absolutely NEED for the next year, and watch what happens. It would be great if you did this, but you really don't need too. If you do nothing, capitalism will experience a complete meltdown within two years, probably less. What happens next will be very painful for all of the world, except the very poor who are used to having nothing. When you are in the middle of this (and wondering what the hell happened) remember this article. Help rebuild a new system that promotes the freedom to pursue your passion. Maybe no one will be able to get rich again, but then maybe we really won't care because we will having so much fun doing what we love. The writing is in the wall but hard to read if you are young... or even middle aged. It was a long, long, long, time ago when the world was not driven by money. Be glad that time is returning in a improved form. Do you part and reduce your spending to as little as possible.

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