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Internet & Networking "Apple participates in the Web Application Working Group. In application of the exclusion rights they have according to the W3C Patent Policy, Apple Inc. excluded Patent Nr. 7,743,336 and Patent Application 20070101146 from its Royalty Free commitment given upon joining the Web Applications Working Group. According to Apple Inc., both read on the Widget Access Request Policy Specification. Apple Inc.'s exclusion triggered a Patent Advisory Group (PAG). The PAG is using this page to collect links and hints to technology that may help to circumvent the patent. This information may be useful to help the Web Applications Working Group to design around the excluded patent and allow for a Royalty Free Widget Access Request Policy Specification."
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by SReilly on Fri 15th Jul 2011 16:52 UTC
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Apple's application for these patents is unconscionable. Apple are software patent trolls, unable to come up with a real patented hardware technology and even though software patents aren't worth the paper they're written on in Europe, the cost of Apple strong-arming companies in the US will be past on to consumers world wide. Scum, unable to compete on merit. Capitalism my ass!

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RE: Trolls
by satan666 on Fri 15th Jul 2011 19:29 in reply to "Trolls"
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Yes, and yet, sadly, there are so many tech guys that continue to buy Apple products, basically encouraging Apple to remain the piece of sh*t company that it is now. I understand those that don't have a clue about technology buying iStuff but I don't understand those tech guys that don't care about the technology environment.

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RE[2]: Trolls
by shotsman on Fri 15th Jul 2011 19:45 in reply to "RE: Trolls"
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There are so many patents flying around it might soon be impssible to write a line of code without breaking one.
In many industries companies are going after every patent they can. Even the obvious ones. Why?
Because if they don't get them sure as eggs is egss, another company, probably a competitor will get them.

Until the laws get changed as much as it galls me you can't realistically stop a company from using the patents they hold. If they didn't other companies would not be so altruistic.

The ONLY people who win here are the lawyers. Everyone else is a loser.

IMHO, I reserve the phrase 'Patent Trolls' for those companies who only exist to get money for the patents which they (mostly) have bought and not invented themselves.
Again IMHO, Apple do not fit into that bracket.

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