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Linux It's strange. Microsoft has been patent trolling the heck out of the Linux kernel for a long time now, and is still using these patents against Android today in its protection money scheme. However, as illustrates, Microsoft makes quite a few contributions to the Linux kernel. Shouldn't this invalidate their patent claims?
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If we like lawncare analogies...
by Jaktar on Mon 18th Jul 2011 19:07 UTC
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If we like lawncare analogies, it's more like Microsoft is receiving runoff of rainwater on a neighbors property. That neighbor doesn't care where the water goes as long as it's not on their property. Microsoft installed a ditch and some drains to keep their property dry instead of continuously getting flooded out.

Now, without the silly analogies...
MS does software. It's in their best interest to make their systems inter-operate with others. I really don't understand why everyone has their panties in a bunch, this is win-win for all involved.

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