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Google For the first time, Google has opened its mouth against the patent trolling by Apple (and by proxy, Microsoft) against Android manufacturers. By way of Eric Schmidt, Google's chairman, the company took stand against the legal actions, and stated they aren't too worried. If need be, Google will ensure HTC doesn't lose the patent case against Apple.
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RE[8]: How can this be fixed?
by cranfordio on Tue 19th Jul 2011 22:05 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: How can this be fixed?"
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Sorry, I didn't make myself very clear. Let me put it this way:

Question: How can we fix the problems with the patent system in regards to software patents?
Answer: No more software patents.

Answering the question this way is what I think is lazy. I did not mean to imply that that is not a valid solution I was just trying to get more information than just no more software patents. How would no more software patents be a good thing? What are the drawbacks, if any, of eliminating software patents? Is the copyright system enough to protect developers from theft of their product?

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RE[9]: How can this be fixed?
by JAlexoid on Wed 20th Jul 2011 00:04 in reply to "RE[8]: How can this be fixed?"
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No I'm actually one of those people that actually though of both sides.

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cranfordio Member since:

I think that blog post is perfect. It addresses the problem, explains it in an easy to understand fashion and offers a starting point for a solution. This is exactly what I was looking for.

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