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Apple InfoWorld's Galen Gruman provides a look at the best features Mac OS X Lion has to offer, as well as the biggest disappointments of Apple's latest OS. Whole disk encryption, the new Server application, automatic file versioning and locking against accidental saves, iOS-like configuration policies for IT, automatic syncing across Mac OS X and iOS 5 are among the key new features of Mac OS X. But many of the even the best new features still fall somewhat short, including the new contextual scroll bars, issues with sharing automatically versioned documents, the lack of external disk encryption after the fact, and the complexity of new Mac OS X Lion Server app.
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Bill Shooter of Bul
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Yeah, that's what I do. Works well. Haven't upgraded to Lion yet, so I haven't tried launchpad.

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Thom_Holwerda Member since:

Apple+space, type first few letters of app name, hit enter.

Best launcher ever. Windows, GNOME and KDE have it too.

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Bill Shooter of Bul Member since:

I find KDE's search to be much better. Not only does it search by application name, but also by function using metadata.

So, I can never remember how to spell the funky Media player. Akarjasdfihasdf or something. So I just type "Music" and a list of choices show up and I click the one with the icon that's correct.

I also use that trick for the worlds best feed reader Akremegiasdfh.

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btrimby Member since:

Apple+space, type first few letters of app name, hit enter.

Best launcher ever. Windows, GNOME and KDE have it too.

This would probably work for me if I configured spotlight to not index my other installs on other partitions (I usually have 1-3 partitions). Since it indexes those, I have to think to make sure I don't run old versions of apps.

Since I'm too lazy to configure spotlight (I don't use it that much... too many duplicate source repository checkouts), I really like the applications-on-dock method.

I think I started using that method in Panther, so no spotlight anyway.

Bottom line is everyone should do what works best for them... until Apple takes it away!

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hechacker1 Member since:

I think Launchpad is a great feature if you only have a few apps. Easy click or gesture based access.

But once you have to scroll Launchpad, it fails. Then you have to hunt for apps. Applications like Photoshop also scatter so many launchers/updaters/icons into the App folder that itself takes up the entire Launchpad area.

For power users, using the Dock with most commonly used apps, plus using Spotlight to find apps when needed, is the best way to go.

I've already removed Launchpad from my shortcuts since it just can't handle having many apps.

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