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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Today, the technology world is gripped by what can only be described as a dirty war between iOS on one side, and Android on the other. While the parties in this war fight it out in the US court system, the web has latched onto this conflict like a starved leach to a nice juicy ankle, and this focus on just iOS and Android has had a rather unpleasant side effect. This effect was subtle at first, but now, it's everywhere. Yes, if you were to believe the web, iOS and/or Android invented everything when it comes to mobile operating systems. I will have none of that, and my PDA collection begs to differ too.
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PDA Collection
by henderson101 on Fri 22nd Jul 2011 10:43 UTC
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Wow.. in the last couple of weeks, I just started this little hobby!

My collection depleted, as I sold a bunch a few years back, but I have owned (or own) the following:

* Palm Pilot Professional (I still have this)
* Handspring Visor (Sold - 8MB model, translucent blue, had an keyboard add on module also that was made by Seiko)
* Sharp Zaurus Sl5500 (Sold, had a CF card WiFi module)
* HP iPaq h2215 (or might be h2200, looks identical to Thom's one, currently runs Angstrom)
* Siemens SX45 PDA Phone (runs PPC2002 and I've never managed to get the phone to work... it was FREE from an old employers junk bin..)
* Apple Newton Messagepad 120 (Sold. I wanted to like Newton, but it was crap and underpowered.)
* Nokia N800 (Sold, I liked it lot initially, but Nokia dropped it like a hot potato - if you want to complain about Apple and Android manufacturers support, look first at Nokia's track record with NIT's..SHOCKING!)
* Nokia N810 (litterally bought this week... like the N800, except it had a hardware keyboard, so it ROCKS!! Mine is the WiMAX version, which is odd as we don't have WiMAX in the UK, but it was cheap on eBAY.)
* DT Research DT300 webpad (SOLD, This isn't really a PDA, per se, but it is a "pda-like". It ran BeIA and was pretty much useless due to it using some weird RANGELAN specific wireless networking. However, hacking the boot process to boot direct to Tracker on a PDA like device never got old, nor did hacking apps using the BeAPI for it...)

I also use to work with PDAs at a previosu employer and used a lot of different models. We used the Dell Axim range (so x50/x51's and probly the earlier silver ones, like x5 or something like that?) and we used the Orange branded XDA. We also used some PDA form factor Symbol winCE devices. They has a full windows alike desktop on them, and were a PITA to support. Oh, and we used the industrial version of the Psion 3 range (Psion Workabout.)

Actually, Thom - you could do with a Psion in your collection. The Psion range probably pre-date the Newton, as the first model was released in 1984. The Psion 5 was pretty slick - like a mini laptop (let's not mention the Psion Netbook.. lol)

Another question - where on earth did you manage to find a Windows 5 rom for the iPaq h2200 series? I would LOVE to know more.

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