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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Mozilla today announced Boot to Gecko , a very ambitious project that aims to create a 'complete, standalone operating system for the open web'. This project's goal is to develop what seems like a ChromeOS-like operating system where all the apps are based on HTML5."
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RE: Meh
by fran on Wed 27th Jul 2011 16:53 UTC in reply to "Meh"
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Not according to Stanford..Computer science 101 is now taught in Javascript.

Javascript is the future.

Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 and php for database driven function makes magic in the hands of a pro. Writing your javascript application in Coffeescript is fast and enjoyable.

Want to write of full blown enterprise server side application. No probs use Node.js and enjoy superfast cloud applications.
Use Ruby or Clojure no probs..there is interpreters that rewrite your code to javascript.

Clojure to Javascript

The programming is full of language snubbery.
Good Javascript and HTML5 programmers will only rise.

Still unsure about Javascript's capability.
Read Javascript a definitive guide by David Flanagan.
All 1018 pages of it.

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