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Legal Two different graphs. Both happen to be published at Ars Technica, with one of them coming from a different source. Seemingly completely unrelated, but when you ponder the waterfall of recent lawsuit-related news, these two graphs suddenly tell all there is to tell. These two innocent little graphs illustrate why Apple is attacking Android so ferociously.
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not much room to grow
by orsg on Wed 27th Jul 2011 22:51 UTC
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another reason for Apples market share to grow a lot slower is that the amount of people, that buy an 800€ phone (or pay for an appropriate contract),desite being trendy and hip, is just limited and probably kind of saturated by now. People, who really want a good phone and are ready to spend some money already got one for now.
The largest part of the market to conquer is probably in the lower priced sections, and unless Apple introduces an i(iPhone), which I'm actually expecting for quite some time now, its market share won't climb anywhere near what I could be.

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RE: not much room to grow
by -oblio- on Thu 28th Jul 2011 05:52 in reply to "not much room to grow"
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Thing is, lots of people who can afford a 800$ phone are those that can afford and that want to buy a new 800$ phone when it comes out, provided that the each generation comes after at least 1 year.

Of course, there are many who can't really afford a smartphone but buy one because of image/prestige/etc, and probably those won't upgrade.

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