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Gnome Linus Torvalds piped up in the comments of a Google+ posting by Linux kernel hacker Dave Jones to air his true feelings about Gnome 3: "it's not that I have rendering problems with gnome3 (although I do have those too), it's that the user experience of Gnome3 even without rendering problems is unacceptable." People care what Linus thinks, and when he ditched KDE for Gnome a couple of years ago, people took note. Now he's using Xfce.
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What about Unity?
by CruelAngel on Wed 3rd Aug 2011 16:43 UTC
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I'm curious what would Linus say about Ubuntu's Unity interface. (And also what does he think about KDE 4 now that it has matured two years.)

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RE: What about Unity?
by theTSF on Wed 3rd Aug 2011 18:58 in reply to "What about Unity?"
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You should be careful of following person. A lot of people who would love Gnome 3 then realize that Linus doesn't like it then they dislike it.
Linus is a Kernel Developer and leads the Kernel Development effort, he seems like a nice guy and really smart too... However his views on everything doesn't make him right, or should change your opinion.

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RE[2]: What about Unity?
by somebody on Thu 4th Aug 2011 10:17 in reply to "RE: What about Unity?"
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well, i for one don't need to follow anyone. i was pretty much hooked on shell... until i saw this

after reading this plan i simply stopped following gs and my adoption of it. making phone from my desktop is way too unacceptable for me.

now, i'll simply wait 6 more months and if this change comes into default... i'm switching elsewhere

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RE: What about Unity?
by unoengborg on Fri 5th Aug 2011 09:10 in reply to "What about Unity?"
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I'm curious what would Linus say about Ubuntu's Unity interface. (And also what does he think about KDE 4 now that it has matured two years.)

Linux is a good programmer, but he is neither a usability expert nor an average computer user. He might not even be an average Linux user. If Linus doesn't like the GUI he can change it, the average use can not. This is why we should design for them and not for people like Linus. What he thinks about Gnome, KDE or Unity is not more relevant than anybody else's opinion.

The desktop train have left the station, and Linux isn't on it. The next train is all about mobility, and on that train, Linux already have reserved first class tickets. Both Apple and Microsoft realizes where things are going and are trying to unify mobile and desktop user experience. The Linux must do the same. Gnome3 with its simplified interface is a step in the right direction.

Personally (being a developer like Linus) I felt that Gnome3 was very awkward at first, but after learning some keyboard short cuts, it have improved my productivity tremendously and I wouldn't switch back to Gnome2.

Sure, there are bugs and minor glitches that need to be fixed, but that always happen on x.0 releases of all software. It happened to Gnome 2.x, that wasn't much good until say 2.12, it happened to KDE 4.x that now at 4.7 is starting to look good. Over time Gnome3 will improve, and people will get used to it, and like it. Give it some time.

Finally, you have to have done something right if Apple, with lots of usability experts on their payroll blatantly copies large parts of your user interface, as they have done with Gnome Shell in their new MacOS-X Lion release.

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