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Gnome Linus Torvalds piped up in the comments of a Google+ posting by Linux kernel hacker Dave Jones to air his true feelings about Gnome 3: "it's not that I have rendering problems with gnome3 (although I do have those too), it's that the user experience of Gnome3 even without rendering problems is unacceptable." People care what Linus thinks, and when he ditched KDE for Gnome a couple of years ago, people took note. Now he's using Xfce.
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RE: Year of the Linux desktop
by livingdots on Wed 3rd Aug 2011 18:33 UTC in reply to "Year of the Linux desktop"
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The KDE devs don't know how to design good user interfaces. To them, number of features and buttons equals quality. Their UI design is ugly as well, looks like something made for kids. What's with those huge ugly icons in the panel? They look just like they did in 1999.

Screenshot of a standard desktop KDE 4.7:

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slipwalker Member since:

is it "post your desktop's screenshot" week already ? whooohooo !!!

i refrained from screenshooting my wallpaper, since it might be considered NSFW, and the I/O is caused by a DVD-burning on background

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Oh yes ... the KDE devs still don't understand the idea of contrast in design ...

The task bar is barely readable. Slightly Dark grey on medium grey ... seriously?

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