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Debian and its clones Debian developer Robert Millan talks about recent improvements with Debian GNU/kFreeBSD in the past few weeks.
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RE: Why FreeBSD kernel?
by Radio on Thu 4th Aug 2011 20:41 UTC in reply to "Why FreeBSD kernel?"
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RE[2]: Why FreeBSD kernel?
by orestes on Fri 5th Aug 2011 07:45 in reply to "RE: Why FreeBSD kernel?"
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It seems they left out "Stallman wants another obnoxiously awkward name mashup to inflict upon the heathens"

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v RE[2]: Why FreeBSD kernel?
by static666 on Fri 5th Aug 2011 08:03 in reply to "RE: Why FreeBSD kernel?"
RE[3]: Why FreeBSD kernel?
by antik on Fri 5th Aug 2011 12:20 in reply to "RE[2]: Why FreeBSD kernel?"
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"Yeah, yeah, yeah. We need more FUD and probably reference to that bizarre Linus guy. Don't know about you, but I'm totally not convinced why kFreeBSD at all."

Thank GOD you are not with FreeBSD. About spreading FUD- what you did just now?

FreeBSD got jails for ages but I never saw any jail real-life use in Linux and I am LPIC certified specialist.

About ZFS you are totally wrong- ZFS main feature is partitionless usage, self-healing and deduplication.

FreeBSD is alternative to Linux and get used to it. Every work should be done with right tools and sometimes Linux won't cut it. I see lots of five or more year old Linux installations and noone will update them because nobody can be sure it will survice any upgrade at all... You can do it with FreeBSD any time.


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