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Windows "According to a new report, there are as many as 6,000 references to MinWin in an internal Windows 8 client build. This may provide more clues and validation of Microsoft's virtualization plans for the coming operating system release."
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MinWin architecture sounds familiar
by Zenja on Sat 6th Aug 2011 07:07 UTC
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Anyone remember the original BeOS design. Have a hybrid kernel, with a bunch of servers / kits which can be used as required instead of being initialised all at once. Sounds exactly like what MinWin is trying to accomplish. To use a quote from the internet:

MinWin contains the bootloader, HAL (processor & chipset initialization, memory manager, etc), scheduler, most of the kernel infrastructure (sans most drivers, filesystems, etc) and some of the core Win32 subsystem upon which essential apps can be run.

To MinWin you can then configure an OS build by choosing which OS components you want to include from a catalog of items - NTFS, (ex)FAT, etc., TCP/IP & NETBIOS, SCSI/RAID, video, audio, printers, .NET, etc.

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Bill Shooter of Bul Member since:

Yes, it does sound familiar... That's how almost every operating system except windows has worked. People get way too worked up about min win. Its an internal ongoing refactoring of the windows kernel. Its major feature for end users is that it will be easier and faster for Microsoft to add new features to windows with less problems. If Microsoft actually releases windows 8 on time with the crazy new metro ui interface with programs written in html 5, that will be the testament of winmin's success.

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Well WindowsCE is also modular like you are describing.

Usually OEM vendors combine WindowsCE components the way it fits their devices.

As for the Windows kernel, the userland might have the problems we all know, but the kernel is quite good and it really shows the VMS heritage.

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"Way too worked up"

I think if one is to get worked up about anything in the world of MS Windows, this is as good a thing as any. These are base-level improvements upon which the OS can be more easily improved and evolved.

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Exactly, this is just a case of "everything old is new again". Dave cutler originally designed the WinNT kernel to be portable and modular but the machines of the time simply weren't powerful enough and it caused performance issues, especially with graphics, so they moved more and more into the kernel.

Now that machines have gotten powerful enough that even a handset can afford the overhead they will be able to build a version of Windows for any arch and role they desire, simply by adding or removing modules.

let me say while the IDEA is sound from the looks of things the execution will be a giant FAIL. Why is that? Simple...right now on my local Craigslist there are plenty of ARM netbooks being sold cheap, because the shady dealer sold them with "Windows compact Edition" aka WinCE. Now folks see the XP desktop and they don't know that WinCE will NOT run Win32, they just see the word Windows. When they found it wouldn't run their stuff? they dumped.

Sadly you watch MSFT is gonna try to yet again take a page from the Apple playbook and use the minWin concept to push Windows onto ARM where it will fail horribly. Folks will see "Windows 8" think they can run their Win32, and when they find out they can't they'll be returning these things en masse.

Why they would want to damage the Windows brand like that is beyond me, but if it is one thing we've learned it is Ballmer isn't qualified to shine Bill Gates' shoes. They should stick with WinPhone on ARM, just as Apple uses iOS and NOT OSX on tablets. if Ballmer thinks magically using the word Windows will get him anything but a po'd consumer base when he puts it on ARM he has another thing coming. The only upside I see to MinWin is maybe Ballmer will finally be forced to 'pursue other interests' and they can bring in someone with skills (maybe Ozzie) as CEO.

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For that matter, Windows Phone 7 not only exhibits the same incompatibility with Win32, it also... doesn't seem to actually have any windows ;p (as in, GUI concept)

Maybe MS should hijack more completely generic, kinda concept-related, words. Considering all the panning action, Microsoft Curtains (too bad the roll-down ones don't seem to have a "singular" word in EN), or Shutters / Blinds (likewise, both roller ones) might fit. Maybe MS Awnings having less "wrong" connotations (Sudare could be decent, too). And for ARM netbooks - relatively small, portable, always moving windows - MS Porthole / Windscreen / Sunroof?

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