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Legal Day 2 is underway in the Apple v. Samsung case in The Netherlands, a microcosm of what would have happened in Germany, had Germany implemented the concept of due process. Most interesting bit so far? Samsung is using the Knight Ridder tablet from 1994 as a case of prior art. I was unaware of this device, but be sure to watch the video - this is an iPad. Amazing. This doesn't actually surprise me though - my father worked at a large newspaper company his entire life until he retired a few years ago, and in the early '90s, he already attended demonstrations of devices like this, taking home promotional material that amazed my child brain. This was supposed to be the future of newspapers, until development on these kinds of devices suddenly halted - my father never understood why. Update: Forgot to mention that like yesterday, Andreas Udo de Haes, editor at, present in the court room, is covering this. This time, in English. Update II: Samsung has presented 20 cases of prior art for both tablets and smartphones. Update III: I'm liking Samsung's lawyers.
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The alternative angle: I got so fed up with the limitations on my iPad that I sold it to a friend, and put the proceeds towards an Asus Transformer. haven't looked back. Android tablets are just that much more versatile. iPads are great tools for consuming information, but despite all the product demos, I wouldn't want to create anything on one. I found the iWork suite to be slow and cumbersome, while with Quickoffice on my Transformer (I'm aware, you can get Quickoffice on the iPad, too), I routinely do things like new D&D character sheets, re-jig my resume, do mum's budget in spreadsheets and such. The Transformer is very much a PC replacement. My laptop has been relegated to games and movies.

The really cool thing is the price, and the battery life. The tablet itself only costs $399 US (it may have dropped by now, actually, I bought it at launch), and the keyboard dock, $149. Both the tablet and the dock each have a 24 Watt hour battery in them, and the tablet can be charged from the dock. Unlike the iPad's keyboard dock, this one is part of the portable kit, it's not a desktop fixture, and when you put the tablet into the dock it becomes a mini laptop. The price difference may not seem like much, to people buying in America, but Apple have a "fuck the rest of the world" policy on their pricing, and the iPad 2 launched here at closer to AU$800. Including shipping and shipping insurance, and the keyboard dock, the Transformer cost me AU$600, at the time. When I bought my iPad 1, around about August the previous year, I think it was, it cost me just OVER $800 total, and that's without any accessories besides the ($50!) case.

Oh, and the really cool thing: External storage. The Transformer has a micro SD slot, the dock has a full size one, and two proper USB Host ports. The only things that haven't worked in those, for me, have been a couple of Logitech gamepads, though I haven't tried them since before 3.1 rolled out, and it's now running 3.2!

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