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OSNews, Generic OSes InfoWorld's Galen Gruman highlights 18 technologies that remain core to the computing experience for IT, engineers, and developers 25 to 50 years since their inception. From Cobol, to the IBM mainframe, to C, to x86, these high-tech senior citizens not only keep kicking but provide the foundations for many vital systems that keep IT humming.
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RE: Power 7 slower than an X86?
by Kebabbert on Sat 13th Aug 2011 10:12 UTC in reply to "Power 7 slower than an X86?"
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Well, my unscientific benchmarks beg to differ.
Our AIX System moves data around at a rate that Intel can only dream about.
Our workloads (using the same software) run getting on for an order of magnitude better on a twin Power 7 core than on the latest i7 based server.

Well, the latest Intel Westmere-EX is only ~10% slower than the POWER7. But at a fraction of the price. Here are some benchmarks:

Next year, the IvyBridge version will arrive. It will be 40% faster than the Westmere-EX, according to Intel.

Thus, x86 is catching up on POWER really fast, and next year surpasses POWER7. There are much more research in x86 (Intel and AMD), than in POWER (only IBM). Of course x86 will surpass POWER at some point in the future.

Earlier, the IBM POWER6 servers were several times faster than x86, and the POWER6 servers costed 5-10x more than x86 servers.

Today, IBM POWER7 is ~10% faster than x86 servers, and POWER7 costs only 3x more.

In the future, will the IBM POWER8 be at par with x86, or even slower? With such a slow cpu, the POWER8 must have a price similar to x86, or even be cheaper. We all know that IBM only does high margin business. If the POWER8 is as cheap as x86, why would IBM continue to invest billions in POWER cpus? IBM will start to loose money on POWER8.

Most likely, IBM will kill off POWER cpus. Just as IBM recently killed the CELL cpus. When POWER is killed off, then AIX will be killed too. AIX runs only on POWER. Coincidentally, IBM has publicly said that AIX will be killed off and replaced with Linux. This will happen when IBM start to loose money on POWER, when x86 has surpassed POWER.

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