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Hardware, Embedded Systems Major bombshell, and sorry, but this certainly requires a breaking tag as well: HP has announced it is discontinuing operations for webOS devices - effective immediately. Just like that... The TouchPad and Pre 3 are dead. Eh. Raise your hands if this brings back those painful memories of that infamous 'Focus Shift'. In addition, the company also announced its intention to sell its personal computer business.
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RE: That's the end of HP
by Flatland_Spider on Thu 18th Aug 2011 22:07 UTC in reply to "That's the end of HP"
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HP has a history of doing this to consumer technologies, so this was written on the wall before the ink on the contract was dry.

HP is crap on the consumer side. Their stuff has been under engineered and overpriced for years. Their business tech is pretty good, but not the consumer stuff.

WebOS would have been a contender if they would have been bought by a company that said, "Build cool stuff. Hardware releases every six months, software releases every three, go" they might have had a shot, but HP goes cheap.

Are the people running this business complete morons? Now they are going to spin off the PC business too?

Yes they are, and the PC arm has been bleeding for years. Only the profits from EDS and ProCurve were keeping HP in the black.

Services and enterprise equipment is what's going to save HP. Seriously, look no further then IBM for an example, and HP has a better hardware stack then IBM does. Let's look at an example between a tablet and a server.

Tablet: $500 + HP official cover = $550 or so.
Server: $10,000 + Multi-year support/services contract + ProCurve switches + HP storage = the cost of the tablet being a rounding error.

Let Apple or whoever have the consumer market. Lock down the production side of things, and don't care how they access the servers.

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RE[2]: That's the end of HP
by SilConGeeky on Fri 19th Aug 2011 08:19 in reply to "RE: That's the end of HP"
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I agree with Flatland,

Silicon Valley was built on enterprise class products, Servers, Semi, Software, and Storage. This is REALLY what powered all the global infrusture in the background.

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