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Hardware, Embedded Systems Major bombshell, and sorry, but this certainly requires a breaking tag as well: HP has announced it is discontinuing operations for webOS devices - effective immediately. Just like that... The TouchPad and Pre 3 are dead. Eh. Raise your hands if this brings back those painful memories of that infamous 'Focus Shift'. In addition, the company also announced its intention to sell its personal computer business.
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RE: That's the end of HP
by hackus on Fri 19th Aug 2011 00:47 UTC in reply to "That's the end of HP"
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You know, given the board collusion in a industry with basically just 4 players, I wouldn't be surprised if the CEO of HP was given orders by Google's board to pack it in, in exchange for perhaps job security or new opportunities that will pop up with just 3 players in the market.

Board collusion between companies is business as usual now in the USA and Europe. Monopoly laws are not enforced unless the company can't make the payments to the forces who decide whether or not there indeed _is_ a monopoly in a particular market.


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