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Editorial In five years, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst sees the traditional desktop becoming obsolete.
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by bassbeast on Mon 22nd Aug 2011 13:07 UTC in reply to "Comment by motang"
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Oh Lord not XKCD. I like those guys but seriously they are hipsters NOT prophets, kay?

And sorry but as someone who sells and services PC 6 days a week I gotta call BS. Sure pads sell but ya know what? There is ALWAYS one or more "mission critical" apps where there is NO substitute for the PC. In the home it is PC gaming, transcoding (exploding here after me and a few others started selling Media Tanks), HTPCs (having a single unit control the media for the entire house? nice) and downloading.

In the office there is Quickbooks/Quicken (Still the Gods of small business and rightly so), there is a bazillion VB apps from parts control to employee and customer records, Photoshop, PSP (ever try to do touchups on a pad? not fun) and you still can't beat a PC for call center and customer management.

In short the whole "death of the PC" is the classic blind men feeling an elephant and getting it wrong. Allow old hairy to explain things. Wanna know what's up? its simple for most folks once you hit dual cores PCs became good enough and in a down economy people aren't tossing working gear with the regularity they once did.

The problem is too many OEMs and builders got used to the "toss every 3 years" mantra of the old MHz wars and simply weren't prepared for the day when PCs became "good enough" for their customers needs. i on the other hand saw the writing on the wall back when the CPUs reached 2.2Ghz and talk began on multicores. I knew then that to survive I would not only have to have sales but a solid support business and always be looking for more roles my customers could do with their PCs.

Now I show people how to turn that left over P4 into a nice all in one game center/media center/educational center for the kiddies, how modern triple and quads can take much larger roles like true multitasking such as transcoding while watching a movie or playing a game, and how they can make their lives easier and better by letting the PC do more of the work, everything from how to set up butt simple databases for everything from phone numbers to recipes and how to tie everything together so it "just works" and I'm doing quite well thanks.

To say that pads are gonna kill the PC is as foolish as saying some new moped is gonna kill pickup trucks. Sure the moped is cute and stylish but frankly there is only so much you can do with a moped. In my own family we now have SEVEN count them seven PCs, and that doesn't count laptops which are now up to three or four. with numbers that high it simply makes no sense to buy more, better to find new uses for those we already have. It isn't that PCs are dying it is simply the fact most have plenty of power and folks aren't buying new ones without a reason.

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