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Legal Microsoft has announced today that it has reached patent licensing agreements with Acer and ViewSonic that cover Android smart phones and tablets. These companies join HTC [and several others] in paying Microsoft for each deployed Android device. Microsoft's strategic approach to Android is very different from Apple's. Where Apple is attempting to stop or otherwise delay the deployment of Android devices Microsoft is lining their coffers with royalties paid by OEMs for the privilege of shipping them. It's a strategy that is already generating more profit for Microsoft the its less then successful Windows Phone platform and could contribute dramatically to Microsofts bottom line going forward.
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Wakeup call
by BallmerKnowsBest on Thu 8th Sep 2011 21:56 UTC
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I hope (but doubt) this will serve as an effective wakeup call to any delusional Stallmanites who still believe that Linux has any chance of "winning" on the desktop. Or for that matter, anyone delusional enough to believe that Linux EVER had a chance of winning the desktop.

It's also a clear demonstration of why Microsoft's approach is much smarter than the one Apple is taking. Apple's basically making an all-or-nothing gamble on their ability to stifle competition through litigation. In the game Apple is playing, the only way they win is if everyone else loses. As a direct result, all of Apple's most dangerous competitors are uniting against them.

But under Microsoft's approach, they win no matter what happens. Best-case, they win by making WP7 the dominant handheld OS. Worst-case, Android remains dominant - and Microsoft still wins because they get royalties from Android device makers.

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RE: Wakeup call
by TechGeek on Thu 8th Sep 2011 22:03 in reply to "Wakeup call"
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Linux bypassed the desktop and is just taking over every where else. Desktops are such a limited arena when talking about all electronics that run software.

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RE[2]: Wakeup call
by kristoph on Thu 8th Sep 2011 22:56 in reply to "RE: Wakeup call"
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The kernel is a commodity now, it's not a strategic differentiator.

The fact that Linux underpins Android is not really relevant because 99+% of all Android apps are written to run Android and would work fine on virtually any other kernel.

Does anyone really care that Android runs atop Linux? Would anyone care if it changed to NetBSD or QNX?

Similarly, if Apple moved to Linux tomorrow (and still called it iOS) no one would notice.

( Personally I've always wondered why Apple didn't adopt Linux. It's presence as the base of their platform would attract enterprise customers and it's not like they would lose anything. )

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RE: Wakeup call
by zima on Sat 10th Sep 2011 16:13 in reply to "Wakeup call"
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Apple is just, understandably, terrified of the same thing which happened with Macs vs. PCs; superior, cheaper products from faster-moving competition. Funny thing is, it will happen anyway; something other than Apple will come to dominate, it's inevitable.

The only question which sort of still remains - will it be Windows or Linux? MS seems to be almost content with either option - but the actions of Apple would suggest they very much prefer Windows. A bit... hilarious.

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