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Windows More news on Windows 8. This time around, Gabe Aul, a director of program management in Windows, blogged about the changes Microsoft has made to Windows 8's boot process. The results are impressive - a boot time not much slower than waking from sleep on current Windows 7 and Mac OS X machines. This is, of course, a vital component of getting Windows NT ready for tablets.
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RE: Comment by andih
by vodoomoth on Sat 10th Sep 2011 08:01 UTC in reply to "Comment by andih"
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Are you actually a current Windows user? I'm still on Vista and Windows Update is activated: reboots are not as frequent as you guys make it out to be. The Windows XP days are long gone.

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RE[2]: Comment by andih
by andih on Sun 11th Sep 2011 20:09 in reply to "RE: Comment by andih"
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vodoomoth, well I don't consider my self a windows user, but technically I am.

I was in the past, and am still, but only when at work.
Now I'm responsible for 400+ windows computers and a half a dozen windows servers. So I install, configure, and maintain windows computers/servers daily. Mostly win7 and some xp. Even got a 95 running for a bizarre program :p

I love the speed, freedom, stability and versatility I got with linux. My home is MS free zone,
and I use windows only when I am getting paid.

Luckily I have to manage a few linux desktops and a couple of linux and bsd servers too both on and off site. Thats a nice break from all the windows-work.

Some days ago I was scripting and had to use icacls command, turned out I had a old and bugged version that wouldnt be updated through windows update. Command was partly defect and I had to go through hell sending emails to MS and crap to make them send me a download link to a patch.. wth? what is MS afraid of?! Patches should be publicly available.
chown+chmod ftw, sooo much better!
open source <3 accessible, powerful and free:)

I hate windows update, but that's not the only part of windows that suck. The list would probably be shorter if listing what does not suck.

The only reason I can see for a techie to use windows must be to run directX games.. For the rest, linux eats MS for lunch.

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RE[3]: Comment by andih
by ilovebeer on Mon 12th Sep 2011 03:31 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by andih"
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The only reason I can see for a techie to use windows must be to run directX games.. For the rest, linux eats MS for lunch.

Thanks, I hadn't had a decent laugh today until now.

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