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Windows More news on Windows 8. This time around, Gabe Aul, a director of program management in Windows, blogged about the changes Microsoft has made to Windows 8's boot process. The results are impressive - a boot time not much slower than waking from sleep on current Windows 7 and Mac OS X machines. This is, of course, a vital component of getting Windows NT ready for tablets.
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RE[5]: They always promise this
by sorpigal on Mon 12th Sep 2011 22:33 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: They always promise this"
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It's cause and effect, really. Those who have problems hate Microsoft.

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I think you look for problems tbh. I still haven't had any real reason why you've had problems working With Microsoft products.

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sorpigal Member since:

You hear no specifics because I am weary. I see no future in bringing up complaints here and now. I just don't care to enumerate all of the things that have bitten me. You can assume that I am just looking for reasons to complain, or that I have no basis in fact for my complaints, or that I just don't have any idea what I'm talking about, or whatever you like. It's not true, but if you don't believe what I say I cannot do a thing about it by saying more.

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