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ReactOS "During his visit to the school, President Medvedev spoke with the school's students, including [ReactOS'] Marat Karatov. Marat made a short presentation of the latest build of ReactOS, including system boot up and running a few Windows-compatible applications. During conversation with the president, Marat said that the OS was ready approximately for 80% of real world usage and that roughly one million euros would be needed to complete its development within a year. 'This is an interesting project indeed', was President Medvedev's response."
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ReactOS supports WDM drivers. In fact, some of the built-in drivers use WDM.

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ReactOS supports WDM drivers. In fact, some of the built-in drivers use WDM.

Got a source document to back this up?
I ask because their own white paper states it's not completed:
ReactOS currently aims to implement the NT driver mode, of which the Windows Driver Model (WDM) is a subset of.

Why list as an aim if it's a completed project?


Ahhh just spotted you're one of the ReactOS guys.
I'm guessing your white paper is out of date then if WDM compatibility has already been achieved?

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yeah sorry, I should have mentioned that.
Large parts of the info sections of website are out of date. Finding tech writers or getting devs to write is nigh on impossible...

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