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Windows The client version of Windows isn't the only one getting overhauled. It's a little less sexy, but Windows Server 8 is every bit as different from its predecessors as the Windows 8 client. Server Core (Windows Server running without the graphical user interface) is the, uh, core now, and everything is done using PowerShell - either directly, or through the new Metro-style Server Manager which is a layer on top of PowerShell. The buzzword here is cloud - not the big one, but those smaller ones on intranets.
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RE: Microsoft Unix.. welcome
by tessmonsta on Thu 15th Sep 2011 14:00 UTC in reply to "Microsoft Unix.. welcome"
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Powershell and the headless config have been around since Windows Server 2008. The problem is that a lot of Enterprise software (I can think of a few pieces from IBM) assume a GUI of some kind. Enterprise servers also are riddled with legacy programs, so the headless configuration hasn't gained much traction in Windows shops.

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That would do it. I can see how any app without an MMC snapin would break.

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