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Windows In the article on Windows 8, I already mentioned that in order to demonstrate the viability of Metro for something other than Facebook and Twitter, Microsoft should come up with a Metro interface for Microsoft Office - one that doesn't leave out 90% of Office's features. Well, Microsoft has hinted that they are, indeed, working on Metro Office. In addition, it turns out Microsoft isn't entirely sure to how to address the issue if legacy applications on ARM.
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A lot of geeks will resist this change because they believe that the simplification somehow dumbs-down the user experience to the point where geek hegemony doesn't rule supreme anymore. But that's okay, because they still have their command-lines and desktop, if they really want it. It's just that the rest of the world wants a simpler experience.

I think even the geeks agree that Metro is a superior interface on touch-based devices. What we don't want to accept is Metro being forced on the desktop computers. If you tried it you'd know that it's next to useless on a 24" monitor, operated with mouse and keyboard.

You could say that we don't have to use Metro if we don't want to, but the fact that normal desktop is suddenly being called "legacy", and all the new APIs target Metro, win32 supposedly being phased out, THAT'S what makes us nervous. It seems like Microsoft is forcing Metro on us, no matter the device, it's size, shape or controls.

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