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Windows The story about how secure boot for Windows 8, part of UEFI, will hinder the use of non-signed binaries and operating systems, like Linux, has registered at Redmond as well. The company posted about it on the Building Windows 8 blog - but didn't take any of the worries away. In fact, Red Hat's Matthew Garrett, who originally broke this story, has some more information - worst of which is that Red Hat has received confirmation from hardware vendors that some of them will not allow you to disable secure boot.
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A single screenshot, at this point in time, is enough to convince you NO OTHER OEM will disable this option EVAR AND EVAR?

It is better than conjecture ... which is all your article is. As I said I am a little worried ... but I am not writing rants about it.

It's clear you have little experience dealing with the BIOS implementations of OEMs. They are regularly crippled, features removed for no reason, unpatched, and sometimes even flat-out broken. All this does it make it harder to install anything other than Windows 8, since you can bet your sweet ass no OEM will post information about this on their website, forcing you to DuckDuckGo for hours on end through conflicting information, and having to deal with different revisions of the same machines, and so on, and so forth.

I have actually worked as a Second Line Support, First Line Support, General Fix it monkey at a PC repair shop ... and I went to university to learn how to write software.

So don't tell me about Hardware BIOS implementations.

Shitty manufacturers will have shitty BIOSes that are locked down ... it up to the OEM as to whether they are shitty ... end of.

As I said in another post we are an edge cases ... and tbh in every other industry the community (for example me ... Bicycles) will fill in for the lack of diversity if it ever becomes a problem.

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