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Legal Fascinating infographic on the all the patent stuff going on in the mobile world today. Another infographic summarises the patent lawsuits between Apple and Samsung specifically (via). On a sidenote, what's the deal with infographics these days? Did someone decide they were cool without telling me?
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by shmerl on Wed 5th Oct 2011 21:52 UTC
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Something is missing there (i.e. Apple and Samsung are portrayed as equal). Is Samsung known for active patent trolling and abusing patents in offensive manner like Apple? So far Samsung is forced to wage war because of Apple's attacks, which I'd say is the only reasonable way to apply these patents, and that's what defensive patent pools are for (i.e. if someone attacks member of the pool with patents, pool patents are used to strike the attacker back).

The only functional way to stop greed-blinded patent abusers is to get them into the MAD situation, which will force them to stop fighting.

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