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BeOS & Derivatives Oh gosh, finally news that's got nothing to do with patents or smartphones or the comparing of male sexual organs. Haiku news! Michael Lotz has added preliminary support for WPA to Haiku, taking the first steps towards making the Haiku wireless stack a lot more useful.
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RE: great news
by Morgan on Thu 6th Oct 2011 08:42 UTC in reply to "great news"
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Be warned if you have an older version of the HP 2xx series: So far I haven't been able to get Haiku to finish booting natively even with safe boot options. I haven't tried the most recent nightly builds as I've been on a long vacation, but I will be doing so soon.

For reference, mine is a Mini 210, originally with XP, GMA3150 video and without the embedded Broadcom Crystal HD video accelerator. It's a single core Atom 1.6GHz machine. The newer revisions with Windows 7 do have the Crystal HD chip embedded on the motherboard. I don't think that makes a difference to Haiku, but there may be something else about the board that is different enough as I've read reports of it booting on those newer machines.

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RE[2]: great news
by stew on Thu 6th Oct 2011 19:10 in reply to "RE: great news"
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I have a Dell mini 10v and last time I tried it, it did run Haiku with the exception of Wifi. Not having it tethered to an ethernet cable might make it useful for me, especially with the 8GB SSD drive, Haiku should be a neat little OS for that machine.

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RE[3]: great news
by Morgan on Thu 6th Oct 2011 19:12 in reply to "RE[2]: great news"
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Good to know, thanks!! ;)

I have also heard good things about Haiku and Acer Aspire One netbooks. That's a possibility for me as I might be able to get one super-cheap from my part time job.

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