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Graphics, User Interfaces Within the last few days we read the news about Apple's Siri AI personal assistant, and about a brain implant that lets monkeys control virtual limps & feel virtual objects. I believe that if someone is to also combine a few more technologies (e.g. high-res eyeware, appropriate operating system changes), we will be looking at the next user interface revolution, after the inventions of the computer mouse and touch interfaces.
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RE[2]: Brainwaves are not standard
by Laurence on Tue 11th Oct 2011 00:12 UTC in reply to "RE: Brainwaves are not standard"
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We're all wired differently
So we just need to produce an uber-human and clone it.
Then fill the brains of clones with the same data.

Problem solved

Maybe we can then make them our slaves. ;)

Ahh hang on, that would make them voice activated and thus we wouldn't be using thought control. Damnit.

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Solution is not ideal, but they can use mind control to do things for us :-)

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