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Legal Yes, I'm hearing you guys - time to tone down a bit on the patent news. Hence, a summary here of recent developments concerning the various legal cases between Samsung and Apple. Today in The Netherlands, the judge ruled [Dutch] that Samsung will not be able to block the iPhone/iPad from the Dutch market. In the meantime, the Australian courts upheld the preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1, while the American courts ruled that while the Tab indeed infringes upon Apple's design patents, Apple has not yet convinced the judge that that actually matters. Tying this all together with earlier rulings we already covered - it seems like judges across the world are really, really willy-nilly. Update: DailyTech has some detailed visual comparisons between Samsung's and Apple's devices, as well with the various design patents. Huh. You don't say.
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by OSGuy on Fri 14th Oct 2011 19:55 UTC
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Why do I always get the feeling that the judges across the world are biased and pro Apple? Why do I get the feeling that judges feel if they ban an Apple product it would be as if they were banning something essential to them? Why technical decisions such as these are made by non technical and clueless people?

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RE: Feeling
by Jennimc on Fri 14th Oct 2011 20:27 in reply to "Feeling"
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Why do I always get the feeling that the judges across the world are biased and pro Apple?

Because you're a fanboy and can't fathom the possibility that Apple was right all along?

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RE[2]: Feeling
by OSGuy on Fri 14th Oct 2011 20:58 in reply to "RE: Feeling"
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And based on your comments, you are an Apple fan boy....

Do you even realize what will happen if competition is eliminated? Think about it. Telcos around the world will become slaves to Apple and Microsoft. There will create monopoly and there will be only two smartphone platform choices: WP7 devices and iPhones. Is this really the future you want? Do you really want to force an iPhone to everyone? AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile will have to bow down to both Apple and MS. With Android, they are free to do as they wish because the platform is open and there is more than one so one company cannot be the king + you have the freedom to use your device the way you want with Android and back up any file you want manually because it is only a USB flash drive as far as the computer is concerned. You don't need third party crap controlling and dictating what you can and what you can't transfer.

*Regardless* whether Samsung is wrong or not, banning competition is *not* the way. You think they infringe a patent? Sure, get them to pay royalties and deal with it in court until proven wrong but banning a product is anti-consumer and anti-competitive. It should not be allowed.

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RE: Feeling
by melkor on Sat 15th Oct 2011 01:53 in reply to "Feeling"
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Because judges are idiots that don't live in the real world. Let's open up competition and ban software and hardware patents. See how much things will improve in such a short time. I also believe that patents lead to anti competitive and monopolistic behaviour by default, which are both illegal. There is absolutely no place in today's society for patents.

I think you'll also find that American courts *always* back an American company vs non American companies. There's a sort of bigoted and racist approach to the US court system imho. There's a lot of money in the American IT industry, and I'm pretty sure the US government politically interferes at the judicial level to ensure that American IT companies stay #1 and destroy oppponents in any way, shape or form.

We all know how America deals with countries it doesn't like - illegal invasions, paying and encouraging insurgents, etc. Not to mention assassinations of people (illegal under the Geneva convention) where convenient for the US. I could go on and on...the US government is nothing but a bully, and US companies aren't much different.


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RE[2]: Feeling
by fran on Sat 15th Oct 2011 02:27 in reply to "RE: Feeling"
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Melkor there are not racial issues in the american court system. That racial issues that so many so desperately want to believe to reinforce there victim mentality or serve there own self interests..
Blanket statements like that one can literally be dangerous to white communities living as minority in other communities.
As a white person I know there is no great white conspiracy. Hell most white people dont even get along.

I'ts all about the have's and the have nots.
In greed anyone has just one color... green.
Those green people can be found everwhere. Africa, Asia, Europe, USA, Middle East..
So in short your statement of a racial conspiricy is not only wrong but will over the long term become more dangerous.
Here where l live as a very small white minority there is an increase in racial hate rhetorics against the us. And i'm fed up with that.

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