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Gnome Antonio Ospite explores Gnome 3 in fall-back mode and tries to make it look and behave more like Gnome 2.32 again. This summer Linus Torvalds made it to the news for complaining about the gnome-shell design; Gnome fall-back mode is the solution for those like Linus who can't - or better, do not want to - use gnome-shell just yet.
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RE[3]: Dump Gnome
by Soulbender on Sat 22nd Oct 2011 07:48 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Dump Gnome"
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you two obviously haven't been working for the past 6 or 7 years to optimize the startup time of a complex system

No, but for more than 15 years. Actually, not at all. I don't spend much time at optimizing the startup since it's a waste of time, unless it's ungodly slow but that's usually not the case and when it is it's never due to the use of text configuration files..Startup, as the name implies, happens very seldom and it's not worth spending too much time on. Run-time performance is what counts and the configuration format has very little to do with that.

using text for the database is stupid, wasteful, and totally inefficient.

Wrong, wrong and wrong. What's stupid is using a configuration format that can not easily be repaired and managed by humans, what's wasteful is spending time on optimizing things that has little to no impact and it's inefficient to spend time on solving a problem that does not need solving.

Imagine if we said that Gnome users had to stop the session to change the settings, and that there would be no settings UI whatsoever.

You know, I could swear that this has worked perfectly fine up until now in both GNOME and KDE. I distinctly remember there being UI's for settings in pretty much all GNOME and KDE apps.

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RE[4]: Dump Gnome
by jrtokarz on Mon 24th Oct 2011 09:06 in reply to "RE[3]: Dump Gnome"
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It's ironic that the configuration is in a binary blog for the sake of 'speed' and yet a good chunk of the Gnome Shell 'code' is javascript which is all text!

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