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Amiga & AROS Big news from the Amiga world this weekend. That stubborn bunch are holding AmiWest 2011 this weekend, and it's been one heck of an eventful little, uh, event. Not only will the AmigaOne X1000 start shipping by year's end, Hyperion also announced something many in the Amiga world have been waiting for for a long time: an Amiga laptop. Update: Steven Solie, AmigaOS' team lead, also held a presentation about the past, present, and future of AmigaOS. The team is working on some pretty interesting stuff - protected address space, multicore support, USB3, new printing subsystem, and much more.
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What makes it unique? Just the name?
by Zbigniew on Mon 24th Oct 2011 11:37 UTC
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In the 80's Amiga was exceptional, especially because of its graphics/sound capabilities, when comparing to PC-clones. But this one has - for example - just "ATI Radeon R700 graphics card", therefore nothing that exciting.

Is there anything - but the "legend" - that can encourage the customer to spend that money?

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Lurking around their websites, looks to me like they are a group of computer enthusiasts that like more then just being users/gamers.

They seem to dig right into their common equipment and have fun doing so.

Having the very latest and greatest, new today-obsolete tomorrow hardware doesn't seem to fit in with what they do. Computing.

The users/gamers in their community also seem to be more computer savvy then their contemporaries on other systems.

Many still have, and use, Amigas they bought 20+ years ago, and,, there are a few companies still making new equipment/upgrades for those older computers.

It's fun to them, and that's just cool.

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Zbigniew Member since:

There's a whole lot of much cheaper equipment, which you can "dig right into". The question is: why should one "dig" into something that expensive, which doesn't seem to offer (am I wrong?) anything that much different, than the other equipment - available at far lower price - worthy of "digging"?

I was pondering, why one would have for his/her "computing" exactly this pricey hardware.

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Nothing, from what I can tell.

What I wish for Amiga is hardware and software that's based on parallelism for performance. For example, a board with 256 CPU cores and very low latency memory, and an O/S and core APIs to make parallelism / concurrency a breeze.

Imagine the Juggler demo done in real time at 60 FPS! many jaws will drop!

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and an O/S and core APIs to make parallelism / concurrency a breeze.
Amiga today is about "old" stuff. Being modern means "throw old stuff out" and start from scratch with the realities of 2020 tech, at least, to stay close to competition.

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