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Multimedia, AV has published an article titled "The Case for Piracy". The writer shows how copyright has been hijacked by corporations and that publishers are their own worst enemies. "One of the main reasons we all have anti-piracy slogans embedded in our brains is because the music industry chose to try and protect its existing market and revenue streams at all costs and marginalise and vilify those who didn't want to conform to the harsh new rules being set."
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If you want to support an artist goto the concert... duh. They get like 50% of the sales money from t-shirts. on music they don't even get 10%.

No shit Sherlock. The problem lies in making uploading copyrighted anything to anywhere a felony, thus giving people prison time on top of impossibly high fines and removing their ability to vote as well as blocking them from several career paths since many places wont hire anyone with a felony on their record.

I've found way more bands due to Youtube copyright infringement then any other method. Bands like Kari Rueslatten, Dir En Grey, Fugazi, Luca Turilli, Fischerspooner, Randy Grief, Russian Circles, Josiah, Cynic, Raaksha, Goblin, Earth, Nightwish, T. Raumschmiere, Textures, Insomnium, Poison Girls, Giant Squid, Agalloch, Egypt, Horseback, Animals As Leaders, Jaga Jazzist, Isis, Mouse On Mars, Jackson And His Computer Band, Explosions In The Sky, Theater Of Tragedy, Amorphis.

Tell me, where else on earth can I randomly come across all of those bands music so that I may know to go to their concert? I'm not going to drop cash on a band I've never heard and thus may not be into, my tastes are all over the map from the calmest stuff on earth like Sigur Ross and range to the loudest and most violent deathgrind bands like Cattle Decapitation, yet I'm very particular about what I like.

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2005-07-06 is very helpful in "taste exploration" (essentially, easy to pinpoint more goodies than is possible to listen through)

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