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RISC OS Sometimes, on a rather boring and run-of-the-mill Monday, I get news in the submission queue which just puts a gigantic smile on my face. We've talked about the Raspberry Pi before on OSNews, and other than reporting that everything's on track for a Christmas launch, it has also been announced that the Raspberry Pi will be able to run... RISC OS. A British educational ARM board running RISC OS? We have come full circle. And I couldn't be happier. Update: Theo Markettos emailed me with two corrections - Markettos isn't actually a representative of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and the quoted bits are transcribed, they're not Markettos' literal words. Thanks for clearing that up!
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RISC OS is a mixed bag but a good fit
by madcrow on Mon 31st Oct 2011 17:24 UTC
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On the user side, its actually quite sophisticated. It was among the first OSes to offer scalable fonts and anti-aliased text as built-in features rather than as third-party add-ons. It was one of the first systems to offer "bundle-based" applications (a la OS X). It was one of the first systems to include a dock. It made use of things like context sensitive popup menus from the start. Indeed, when playing around with RISC OS in emulation, the UI actually holds up quite well even today. On the implementation side, however, things are not so pretty. While it's somewhat cleaner than Mac OS classic, it's nowhere near up to the standard of NT-based Windows or any of the various Unix-likes on the market. Still, given that it's small, fast and efficient, I can't see why RISC OS would be a bad fit for a small computer like the RP. It's not like folks are going to running servers or anything on it...

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Heh, it doesn't even compare well under the hood to Win9x, much less anything NT family.

(It's still a quite interesting one to play with, which is why I managed to track down a RiscPC here in the US a couple years ago.)

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